Campion, Celandine and Honeysuckle Safari Tents

The Safari Tents

Each tent has two bedrooms and can sleep four people in two separate rooms (one double bed and two single beds) additional two persons can be accommodated in a den bed next to the lounge area. There is a private hot water shower, toilet and washbasin in the tent (no wandering around in the middle of the night to a central block). There is a small fully equipped kitchen, with wood fired range cooker, for cooking on and baking in and small fridge 60L/freezer 25L, dining area, plus a lounge area for relaxing in with settee and chairs, and if it should become chilly in the evening the wood fired range also provides heat.  Outside on the veranda you can relax and take in the views. Have a BBQ  on the grass where a picnic table is provided for each tent, or walk down to the riverside areas and watch the wildlife. The riverside seating provides a tranquil and interesting area, either just sit and watch the wildlife, read, or later gather around the fire pit with a glass of wine and chat with your fellow glampers.

Each tent has mains electricity, limited 1 Kw total power, enough to power the kitchen fridge, kettle, toaster and a small hair dryer, recharge your phone or laptop. There is also a standard lamp in the lounge, table lamp in the kitchen with a light in the bathroom. Candle lanterns are also provided for a more camping feel if you wish. 

Welcome pack;  tea & coffee, milk and sugar to get you started. Send your online shopping order for us to take in. Deliver after 1600 hrs when the changeovers should be completed.

We don’t allow cars parked near the tents for safety reasons, but have a separate hardstanding car park near the field entrance. 

We have a strict no smoking policy within the tents and the veranda for consideration for others using the tents later. Dogs on leads is a must while on site, there are plenty of walks around the roads or footpaths through the woods. A dogs only area is provided with bin. Please bring you own dog bedding and towels. There is an outside shower for cleaning paws.


Celandine .

Honeysuckle .